Join the first digital twin city on Mars.

Onteco™ is the first digital twin of a future self-sufficient settlement on Mars, which allows you to travel in time and space to experience how we could live on Mars decades from now.

Explore a new world
on Mars.

Onteco is a virtual world where you can experience living on Mars and where you can play, own and monetize your virtual Mars assets. We empower scientists, artists, content creators, and players to explore an immersive experience in a platform that will allow them to witness today what will exist in the future, expected explicitly in the year 2065.

Onteco serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a future settlement on Mars. From the scientific point of view, Onteco’s mission is to act as a space analog of a large-scale colony on Mars, providing a safe setting to simulate the social and physical environments on the Red Planet. While we can build small prototypes of structures on Earth that could later be used in space, it is not technically or economically possible to build cities as required on Mars. Onteco™ bridges this gap by providing a virtual, safe, and decentralized platform to enjoy, learn, improve and help to create the future on Mars.

Immersive experience

Onteco provides an immersive experience through technology. The virtual reality of a Onteco allows you to experience in a highly experienced way how you could live on Mars in the near future.

Onteco is community

Mars is going to require a communal life and Onteco is a tool to begin exploring less individualistic ways of life.

The Origin of Onteco™

Onteco is the term in Esperanto that creates the concept of “future”. Esperanto was invented as a language to unite all cultures.
Life on Mars will be a melting pot of people where borders will not exist. Onteco represents a near future where humans from all backgrounds live in self-sufficient and sustainable cities on Mars.



Get a first-hand immersive experience of how it could be to live on Mars with scientific and technical accuracy.


Have fun, learn and experiment with different immersive platforms. You can explore the city, enjoy the martian community, buy an apartment, or even a custom-designed neighborhood inside Onteco™.


The technical solutions and science behind Onteco™ offer highly scalable strategies for any future settlement off-world. The solutions provided by Onteco are intended to be a roadmap for sustainable ways to create permanent habitats on Mars. A metaverse creates a simulated, virtual environment that mirrors reality. However, Onteco™ is a digital twin of a future reality. Onteco™ brings the future to the present through technology, creating the futuverse™.


Clean Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are virtual tokens minted on proof-of-stake blockchain technology for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable, allowing for digital ownership of digital assets.

You can be one of the first citizens to populate Onteco™.

Onteco™ represents a near future where humans of all backgrounds live in self-sufficient and sustainable settlements on Mars.
Modular and scalable systems were implemented to create a vertical city protected from the Martian atmosphere.

Buy digital assets on Onteco™ Mars

A “MIRS” (Minimum Individual Residential Space) is a customizable digital apartment ready for your Onteco stay. Each MIRS™ consists of 25m2 of private space and gives the right to use 1,000m2 of shared common areas of a martian private Neighborhood. Each Neighborhood accommodates up to 20 MIRS and includes a Green Dome. Owning digital assets in Onteco also gives access to all other public areas outside of the private Neighborhoods located across Cliffcity and the Martian Villages. You can also buy a Neighbourhood consisting of 1,000m2, and that includes your own Green Dome. Additionally, if you buy a whole Neighbourhood, we will customize the design inside your Onteco digital real estate to accommodate your specific needs.

Get Onteco™ citizenship with patented solutions

Participate with thousands of citizens in exclusive events to enjoy and create a Martian Community. In addition, you will receive a patented digital bag where you can find exclusive NFT (Onteco passport, robot, and haptic gloves) for your Onteco™ experience.Each citizenship includes one MIRS™ (Minimum Individual Residential Space) of 25m2. One MIRS can only be associated with a single person. Therefore, to become a citizen, you need to own at least one MIRS. Onteco citizenships can be sold and transferred.Therefore, as an example, a couple moving to Onteco will require two citizenships, and as a result, will own two “MIRS”, which they can convert into a two-bedroom Mars Apartment with a total of private 50m2.Being a citizen gives you the right to buy additional MIRS, so a single person that wants to own a private Three-Bedroom Mars Apartment can buy two additional MIRS. In that case, such a person can sell any of the two additional MIRS.

Have Fun

Exchange and enjoy the fantastic Onteco spaces on different immersive platforms, connect with the community and experience the future in the present.

Create Content

Onteco is the ideal place to exhibit and participate in digital art galleries and events. In addition, you will have at your disposal tools and platforms to create and monetize your content.

Exchange in decentralized stores

Blockchain integration enables true ownership of digital goods, avatars, items, and virtual properties through Ontecoin™, Onteco’s DiFi token. We are creating a lasting economy that will enable instant monetization for our citizens on Mars.

Live an anthropological experience

The data and experiences of this digital and social experiment will be a precedent and the learning ground for an actual Mars settlement that could start with a Mars Village by 2035 and be consolidated with the first macrobuilding of the Cliffcity by 2065.


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Road Map

About us

Onteco was initially created by ABIBOO Studio, the globally acclaimed architectural firm specialing in space architecture and digital environments. ABIBOO Studio led the design of the city of Nüwa, created along with SONet, a multidisciplinary group of global scientists. ABIBOO Studio’s most recent digital work has been Akoro, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton to celebrate the 200th birthday of the brand’s founder.

ABIBOO Studio’s founder, Alfredo Munoz, has been among the Youngest European Leaders (EYL40). In addition, he is the Chair of Memberships at the Technical Committee of Space Architecture at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Onteco’s current team combines proven experience in architectural space spaces with technology and immersive simulations that allow us to create interactive 3D environments that will constitute a valuable part of a future metaverse on Mars.

Our goal is to lead new solutions for the metaverse ecosystem and the digital art world. Our multidisciplinary team of designers, architects, and engineers works closely to create powerful software that communicates in real-time with users. Our determination to fuse innovation in architectural spaces, software, and immersive simulations has led us to develop interactive 3D environments that we hope would be a valuable part of a future metaverse on Mars.

Alfredo Muñoz


Sebastián Rodriguez

Gameplay Designer

Alfredo Muñoz


Alfredo Muñoz


Alfredo Muñoz


Alfredo Muñoz