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What is Onteco™?

Based on a solid scientific foundation, Onteco allows you to travel in time and space. It is the digital twin of future cities on Mars. It is a digital environment but it is also an intersection of games, virtual reality, blockchain (clean NFT), science and space exploration.

In Onteco you can experience how we could live on the Red Planet in 45 years by participating and co-creating its physical, socio-political and economic environment and by sharing experiences with others, with the aim of having a broader view of life.

Onteco is a Futuverse™


Be part of a community

In recent years we’ve worked to create Onteco. Now is the time to build a community and you can be a pioneer in this new stage.

in Science

Science is the basis of our settlement on Mars and the basis of everything we create. Without science, everything would be just a dream. However, through the scientific method we can experiment and obtain solutions, new looks, and innovation.

Inmersive experiencie based on facts

We created the twin cities of Cliffcity on the Red Planet, with different ways of socio-political organization. Those who populate them will be able to choose in which one they want to live and what role to occupy while they live there.

The Futuverse ™
is a fact

Our goal is to experiment, test, corroborate and come up with new answers. Sometimes we are not able to observe from a different perspective if we are standing in the same place, or even if the world outside is still the same. Mars pushes us to be better, it immerses us in a hostile world, with very low temperatures and radiation that forces us to use protection. Mars invites us to live in tubes within the rocks themselves, to generate food other than those provided by the Earth, to relate in a different way with the natural environment. It invites us to explore, to create different communities, to connect with others and to expand the senses. Mars is an opportunity to open the mind, to be multi-planetary, to transcend.

Now, science gives us the chance to improve.

If we can subsist on the Red Planet, can you imagine all the things we could transform on Earth?

The road is


On Mars there’s an immense opportunity to observe in perspective and from a distance the problems that the Earth is facing, and even today in 2021, we haven’t been able to dissipate. One of them is sustainability, and this is so vital that if we do not respond with concrete actions, it will be difficult to continue to live in the world. Let’s take advantage of the hostility of Mars to overcome our barriers.

Everything that we’ll experience and create on the Red Planet needs to be sustainable for us to survive in these distant lands and then, we can transfer that to Earth. Each action that we’ll carry out in the digital platform will produce a large amount of Big Data and resources that we’re going to export in order to improve those problems, pending until now.


It is said that brands and organizations must have a reason for being that solves specific needs. Our purpose is very ambitious: we want to improve life on Earth and the path is undoubtedly sustainable. This is the contribution of Onteco´s Futuverse to the world.

Founding Citizens

Our experience published in internacional media

Onteco was created by ABIBOO Studio, a world-renowned architectural firm specializing in spatial architecture and digital environments.

ABIBOO Studio led the design that Nüwa City created together with SONet, a multidisciplinary group of global scientists.

ABIBOO Studio’s most recent digital project has been Akoro, a collaboration with Louis Vuitton to celebrate the 200th birthday of the brand’s founder.


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