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Onteco is a Futuverse™

What is the Futuverse ?

The Futuverse  is an immersive experience and the reflection of a future project, which from a collaborative platform will allow you to share content, ideas and work.

We like to think of it as a bridge that will connect us to a possible future.

You wonder how … Our community is key, because their comments, preferences, experiences and resilience of the economic models in play, will provide the information and feedback necessary to improve.

Onteco is a Futuverse™

Onteco is the first step towards the Futuverse

While a metaverse creates a simulated virtual environment in a non-existent world that reflects reality, the Futuverse is a digital twin of an environment destined to exist in the future, which has science as the basis of its rules.

Onteco is a Futuverse™

Our purpose is to make multi-planetary life easier

The variety of physical and social environments of virtuality offer us the possibility of obtaining data on how the community would solve different situations, allowing us to export models of the Futuverse to the real world.

The digital environment will gradually transform according to feedback from the community, generating enriching experiences and diverse responses that, in turn, will offer more feedback. This virtuous circle will lead us to fulfill our purpose, and that purpose is our reason for being.

Onteco is a Futuverse™


The Futuverse is a digital platform developed to experience a future reality in an immersive 3D environment. The Futuverse combines entertainment, education, design, gaming, technology, science, and digital art.

The Futuverse can be applied to create and experience future realities in fields as diverse as architecture, urban planning, interior design, product development, industrial processes, and multimedia applications. Thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, the Futuverse provides a level of immersion that accurately simulates a future reality.